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Various activities, such as limited discussions, seminars and facilitation of several Inter-Regional Cooperation with the Higher State Institute al Ministry of Regional Development Tertinggal (KPDT), Ministry of Home Affairs and Bappenas.

In LEKAD activities, often in cooperation with several international agencies and continues to increase network kemitraannya.


Activities undertaken by the LEKAD Provincial and Local Government together with many related to advocacy and training in facilitating the establishment and development in the area of KAD. Regional Management & Barlingmascakeb sampan (Sapta Mitra Pantura) in Central Java which is the result of the early development of the concept remains a concern, especially related LEKAD dissemination to other regions.


Advocacy & Training SKAD is facilitated by the Provincial Government in the areas related to KAD and the Ministry of Regional Development Tertinggal with team LEKAD on various platfoem cooperation among regions, among others:

  • RM AKSESS (District Bantaeng, Bulukumba, Janeponto, Selayar Sinjai and in South Sulawesi Province)
  • RM Lake Toba (Kabupaten Samosir, Tobasa, Dairi, Simalungun, Karo, Humbang Hasudutan & North Tapanuli in North Sumatra Province)
  • RM JONJOK shelf (Central Lombok District, West Lombok and East Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara Province)
  • RM JANGHIANGBONG (Kabupaten Rejang Lebong, Kepahiang, and in the Province of Bengkulu Lebong)
  • RM KAUKUS equivalent KUAT (Kabupaten Kaur, Bengkulu Utara, Bengkulu Province in South Bengkulu, Lampung District in the Province of West Lampung and South Oku District in South Sumatra Province)

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